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XM58A-Diesel Trackless Train Locomotive

Recommended Combination One locomotive + two carriages
Locomotive dimension (mm) 4400*1680*2400
Carriage dimension (mm) 3950*1680*2380
Loading capacity (person) 20+20+2
Max.Speed 20Km/h (Full load)
Min Turning radius (m) 10
Max climbing ability (%) ≤7%
Maximum braking distance (m) ≤4
Ground clearance (mm) ≥160
Track (mm) 1260
Engine type Diesel
Rated power 130KW
Rated speed 3600rpm
Peak torque 290Nm
Transmission system Rear drive
Steering system Hydraulic boost,link steering,automatic clearance compensation
Front axle and suspension Leaf spring non-independent suspension+double shock absorption
Braking System Front and rear double circuit hydraulic drum brake, parking brake device gas-liquid linkage brake system with air brake (emergency automatic brake) 
Painting The whole train adopts automobile and professional computer painting process
Body FRP body,the Commercial vehicle manufacturing process standard
Colour and drawing Customized according to User requirements
Rear alxe and suspension Integral rear alxe,leaf spring non-independent+double shock absorption